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Basic French for Travellers


Since I received requests, I started a new channel on Youtube to teach you guys everything I know in every language, specially French! So, please, subscribe to the channel and share the video with everyone you know who would love to start learnning french.

The Army Museum


I’m a true fan of Paris and the army, so I was pretty shocked to know about the Army Museum in Paris. It’s a place that tours don’t give that much of an importance, but (I believe) it’s one of the most important places in Paris.

Le Ciel de Paris


At the top of the Tour Montparnasse there’s an observatory. Right under this observatory there’s the most beautiful restaurant I’ve seen, called Le Ciel de Paris (The Sky of Paris, in english). There you have the unique view of the city that only the Tour Montparnasse can give with an amazing food and service. Before […]

I was in Paris in July


I went to Paris to visit the university I want to study at, to try to see the city as a local and really think if I can live there. Right when I arrived with my dad, we saw the security level was incredibly high. The area under the Tour, which is usually open, was […]