I have already explained legal details about working in Paris, but now I’ll tell you how to actually find a job, how to prepare for it and the most searched jobs nowadays.

Since Paris is one of the best cities in the world to live, it is full of people and finding a job that can help you survive is really hard.

Most employers are looking for people to work at sells and hotel management, but you can always find jobs at sites like Jobs in Paris, Graduate Land, Job is Job and others that are really great!

You can also teach your home language at primary schools or even teach french for those that go to Paris without saying a single word in french…

Something you can´t forget is that they´re looking for people with references, so I recommend you work hard before you go to Paris. If possible, already search for jobs before you move to France, and try to go already employed.

Other possibility is that you can travel there an year before you decide to move, so you can meet people and start looking for employers.

And you also can try to start your own business. I´m not talking about openning a store or something like it, because it too hard, even for locals. I´m talking about making decorated cakes at home and selling to friends, or working online on Freelancer, FIverr, People per Hour, etc.


That´s it! If you have any suggestions for posts or questions, please, tell me in the comments. See you in the next post!

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