When thinking about moving to other city, you have to think about transport. No one can afford taxi everyday for a long time with a low salary and bills to pay. But if you save some money, you can buy a car! And then, next question… How do I get my driver’s license?

To get it, you have to be at least 16 years old (but they’re thinking about the possibility to change it to 15 years). That being said, you have a theoretical test called “Le Code”, then you have a maximum of 5 years to pass at the  practical one. There isn’t an equivalence test for people with foreign license.

The Practical Test

It’s just 30 min and they:

  • Verify a technical element about road security in and outside the car.
  • Ask you to use the breaks to stop precisely and do some things at reverse.

You need a minimum of 20 points without any serious mistake and may get 2 extra points if save gas or let a pedestrian cross the street.

You’ll know if you’re approved in 48h after the practical test and will have to put an “A” at the back of your car, so people can know you’re a new driver. And you have only a temporary license. The official one is taken after one year with no violations with the temporary.

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