I was in Paris in July


I went to Paris to visit the university I want to study at, to try to see the city as a local and really think if I can live there. Right when I arrived with my dad, we saw the security level was incredibly high. The area under the Tour, which is usually open, was closed and with a lot of security. You could get inside only if you already had a ticket. Also, the Champ de Mars was closed because of the Eurocup games. They created a Fan Zone (that I hated, because I wanted to get inside the Champ and walk, record some videos…) that no one could get inside unless when it was game time…

Our hotel was the absolutelly best! We stayed right beside the Tour, we just needed to cross a street to get there. The bad thing is that once we needed to cross the Tour and the Champ de Mars to go to a show of lights at the Musée d’Armée and we had to make another route, because everything was closed because of that night’s match…

But I can’t complain. I prefer the high level of security than the possibility of any other attack there. And the officers were really prepared, they speaked in english for those who didn’t speak french and tried to explain why the area was closed and where we could go to get to the other side of the Champ.

I’ll divide the trip in some posts so that it’s not too tiring to read. If you want an specific subject to be talked about, please tell me and I’ll do my best to make it for you.

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