It’s really important to think about comunication. You can’t just use signs everywhere and hope to be understood one hundred percent of the times… Also, it’s impossible to study, get a job and even to shop (you can’t buy stuff at a supermarket without knowing what it is).

People who speak languages derived from Latin see that other languages also derived from Latin are easier to learn, because some words are really similar, you just have to worry about false friends.
French isn’t hard. Verbs can make your life a little bit harder, but once you understand how they work it’s really easy! Some languages, like italian, portuguese or spanish, can be, written and the verbs can be conjugated, in a very similar way of french. So, if you know one of these, learning french won’t be a big problem.

There are many ways to learn french, like by yourself, at an Alliance Française, at local french schools or online.

Bet you’re asking yourself what is an Alliance Française. It’s an institute focused on spreading french language and culture to all around the world. They also realize some tests, like DALF, DELF, TCF, that I explain better here. And, best thing, they have online classes too, but they’re a little expensive…

Now, learning by yourself it’s hard, since you don’t have a guide or anything/anyone to correct you. But it can be used to increase your study. I suggest you mix all methods and get a full experience, with movies, songs (which I don’t know a lot of examples, so I’m accepting suggestions).

I recommend a series of books called Ècho. It’s used by Alliance Française and goes from Starter to Advanced. It’s really easy and practical, with a lot of images and detailled explanations.

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