You may have chosen what you’re going to work with, where you’ll study, how you’ll get your driver’s license (if you want to), but none of these actually matter if you don’t have an adress. Not only because you don’t want to live on the streets, but because you need an adress to open a bank account, to give to the company where you’re working, to the college, etc. So, how to choose a place to live?
There are many places you can live. If you’re going by yourself, it should be even easier to find (since most of the apartments in Paris are, in media, 17m2).
If you’re wealthy and can buy a place, great, I’m jealous of you… Because it’s really expensive. Reserching on some websites, I’ve saw that most 20 m2 apartments are like €300k… That’s too much for too little space… (At least that’s what I think).

A cheaper option (and the most commom one) is to rent a place. You can pay per week or per month and find an apartment starting at €600 per month and most long time renting places ask for a minimum of 6-12 months. The price depends a lot of what it includes, where it is, but there are a lot of websites to help you find the perfect one, like Paris AtittudeLodgis.

There are some things you must pay atention when thinking about the place you’ll live:

  1. The Neighborhood: You have to find one that’s close to work, college, supermarkets and things you may need and, also, close to the transports you’ll need to go to these places.
  2. You must look the conditions of the apartment and commom areas.
  3. Always check the charges (light, water, trash, evelator) you’ll pay and if they’re included in the rent or not.
  4. Carefully read the rental agreement. When you deal directly with the owner some clauses may be illegal, such as requiring the automatic debit of the rent on his account or a clause that would prevent to accommodate someone in the apartment renting.
  5.  Before you sign the contract you don’t need to and the owner can’t make you pay anything. Only at the time of signature it is possible that you pay a deposit as guarantee with the first rent.
  6. Before signing, remember to require an assentment of the state of the apartment, so that, at the time to leave, any damage isn’t identified as having been caused by you, since in this case you may be required to pay reparations.

If you can’t pay rent alone, or don’t want to, you can ask at the University if it’s possible to provide you an apartment at a republic, which is really cheap, but hard to get…


I hope to have helped you and if you have any questions, contact me or comment in this post! Thank you!

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