There are some expressions that only french people know and speak, like bad words. Some of them are really weird, but very helpfull.

  1. If you don’t speak a language correctly, they’d say “Tu parle … comme une vache espagnole”, that means “You speak … like an spanish cow”. Curious, huh?
  2. To ask someone to go right to the point, you ask him to “faire le point”.
  3. When something is really too expensive, you say “ça m’a coûté la peau du cul”,  or  “ça m’a coûte les yeux de la téte” or even “ça m’a coûte un bras”. I guess french people don’t know how to save money, so they sell eyes, arms or other human parts…
  4. If you don’t care about what someone’s saying, you say “j’en chie des balles de ce que tu me dis”.
  5. There’s an almost universal word that can be used to say “You’re idiot”, “you son of a bitch” (meanning of funny, friend), or when you’re really, really mad! You say “Con” or “Il est con”. This word also has a feminine version “Conne” that can be used like “Elle est conne”.
  6. To say “I’m kidding” you say “Je déconne”.


Ferme la guele / ta guele / ferme la = Shut up!

Va te faire enculer / Va te faire foutre / Va te faire mettre = Fuck you!

Bâtard = Son of a bitch!

Merde = Shit

Putain = Fuck



If you remember any words that I didn’t put in here, tell me and I’ll add them and make a part 2! Thanks!

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