I’m an italian who was born and still lives in Manaus, Brazil. Since I started travelling when little I felt deep inside “I have to move from that place!”, so I started looking for places to live. When, in my 17th birthday we went to Paris I definetly felt in love for the city! Just perfect! Chose the city! Now… how to get there? I’m fluent in english and portuguese, but just studied french for one year (and hated it at the time…), also, I was finishing high school, didn’t know anything about how to live on my own… Now, first year at Law School (still in Manaus), but starting my plans to move to Paris!

Why write a blog? When I started searching for information I found out it’s just impossible to find something actually usefull! My goal is to help people everywhere who wants to go to Paris and don’t know even where to start (just like I was…).