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How to learn french


Since we live in a world where people can’t wait 5 years studying french just to travel to France or to move, it’s really important to think about it! So, I decided to tell you my ways of studying french! I’m also planning on creating a series of videos to help you learn french! So, […]

Studying in Paris

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New video on youtube! This time, I make an introduction on How to Study in Paris. If you enjoy the video, don’t forget to press the Like button and subscribe to the channel! I make new video about Paris every monday! If you have any suggestions, tell me in the comments! Hope you enjoy the […]



I have already explained legal details about working in Paris, but now I’ll tell you how to actually find a job, how to prepare for it and the most searched jobs nowadays.



  People have to make money to survive. At Paris, one of the ways is singing, dancing or doing whatever in the streets, specially where’s full of tourists. But, let’s be honest, it’s impossible to make a living out of it. As I’m making plans to move to Paris, I search a lot about jobs […]